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Easing Lockdown Early?

Whilst the overall cases of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 falling, some countries are deciding to lift their lockdown rules to allow their citizens and tourists to visit their country. In this post we'll talk about whether or not this is the right decision for this current climate

The current pandemic has caused a global panic like no other for a generation. Many people have lost their life due to the Coronavirus and many 'first-world' countries have struggled to keep on top of the situation. Countries that are supposed to be the 'leaders of the free world' have had the most fatalities. This could be for any reason, the ones being discussed most often are that the lockdown measures were not implemented soon enough or as aggressively, not banning travel from outside countries, not enough testing and ending lockdown too early. 

We have already passed the phase where travel should have been banned and it's time to look at the current situation and how to remedy the situation. Countries such as Spain which has one of the highest rates of Coronavirus in the world have already opened their borders for foreign travel. However this has led to 2 areas already spiking in cases which has led to lockdown being implemented yet again. 

Some countries such as the UK and Turkey have implemented a quarantine rule for incoming travellers to be placed in quarantine for a certain amount of days. Of course this has an impact on foreign tourists as some people’s holidays are not for extended periods of time and if their holiday will be mostly spent in quarantine it is not worth them travelling. This leads to a reduction in foreign money coming into their country which for some countries is one of their main sources of income hence the race to open borders.

Some of the general population are also no longer fully complying to lockdown rules in countries where lockdown rules aren’t being fully enforced. People are getting restless being stuck in their homes all day and has led to large gatherings taking place in some countries such as raves and block parties.

This has sparked fears of another breakout of Coronavirus if people are no longer keeping social distancing measures however one would hope governments will have learnt from the mistakes made earlier. This should make controlling the virus easier hopefully and things can return back to normal. For some countries even the incoming quarantine rules have started to be relaxed. Airports are thoroughly testing all incoming passengers and it has been a long time coming. Countries which have lower cases overall have all been on the ball from the start of the pandemic with disinfecting, social distancing and testing putting first-world countries to shame.

In my opinion countries are actually taking this seriously now and we can hope to see more and more measures taking place to avoid another breakout. Things should start to open again as normal soon with some measures such as at least 1m social distancing taking place. Travel within your respective countries and international travel should be returning back to normal too as many airlines running flights daily with some extra measures being enforced. Of course it is not only the government’s responsibility to slow the spread of the virus, it is up to us as responsible citizens to come together hypothetically and bring this virus to a halt until a vaccine is created.

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